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RH Renovation NYC is not only fast but also very reliable

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Our roof renovation service at RH Renovation NYC is not only fast but also very reliable

At RH Renovation NYC, we guarantee customer satisfaction as we have been dealing with gutter installations, installing new synthetic roof barriers, installing a new step flashing around the skylight, and other services like installing a new drip edge, for years now. This vast experience has helped us become undeniably successful in completing all roof related projects, from big to small.



Our team is composed of several experienced technicians that use cutting-edge technology to complete their work. In addition, we have invested a considerable sum to buy the latest equipment so that we can renovate a roof in no time. This gives you very little hustle and allows you and your family to enjoy the house within a few weeks after the renovation project has started.

At RH Renovation NYC, we provide a cost estimate for free before the beginning of a full roof renovation project so that you can be prepared and allocate your budget accordingly. In addition, our talented designers and technicians will walk you through the process and the steps, whether it is a simple gutter installation or a more complex job like replacing an existing shingle roof.

We operate in New York City. Our experts use professional and certified methods for the roofing services.